What makes a quality custom homebuilder today? Lotus Park Homes has concentrated on developing and building residential communities across four continents, and throughout, has adopted some of the finer points of classical European and contemporary North American design. As a result, the company has designed some of the finest quality customized homes in Quebec and Ontario that consistently surpass industry norms.

With an office located in Niagara Falls, Lotus Park Homes constantly strives to create communities that are comprised of innovatively designed homes with features like open concept and thoughtfully planned functional layouts to accommodate a variety of lifestyles . Larger windows to allow maximum light into homes , bold facades to make a statement, elevators, and wheel chair accessible entries are just a few of the optional features that are found in a Lotus Park Homes home.

Throughout each new project, Lotus Park Homes has concentrated on listening to its purchasers and responding to their needs, to create homes that are designed for their particular lifestyles. This is the hallmark of a fine custom home builder - Lotus Park Homes.

Now, Lotus Park Homes brings its custom building expertise to the Niagara Peninsula with River View at Niagara Estate, featuring elegant, creatively-designed homes that will appeal to young professionals who appreciate the fine workmanship in these homes, as well as those who are seeking a simpler lifestyle, at the latter stage of their careers.

We invite you to join Lotus Park Homes's newest community. This is your opportunity to own a fine, custom-quality Lotus Park Homes home in Niagara.